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KTPP and T4

Kpone Thermal Power Plant (KTPP): This is a GoG / VRA 230 MW Simple Cycle Thermal Power Project which is under construction. 

The Abbatoir

Tower Advisory Services in collaboration with our partners have developed a fully automasted Saughter house along the coast of Accra. 

Commercial Broiler Project

Developed by Tower Advisory Services as a result of Government initiative to improve poultry farming in Ghana,

Agri Inputs

Tower Advisory Services in collaboration with our partner laboratories are developing Agri-inputs suitable for soil types and formations in Ghana.

Areas of Specialty

As a result of our Experience, Strong Partnerships and our Multi-Layered Approach to business, Tower Advisory Service is able to provide:

· Business Advisory services in Ghana on Power and Energy, Agribusiness, Real estate, Construction & Mining and Technology transfer.
· Assist domestic and international clientele on compliance and regulatory matters.

Your Business, Our Business